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Once you participate in an OMI Seminar in Salzburg and you wish to know all the details and available tools to carry on your replica project in Mexico, we encourage you to read the section below “Replica Projects”

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Replica Projects

The replica projects are held by Fellows that have participated in an OMI Seminar, with the main purpose of multiplying the knowledge with young Mexican doctors.

The main characteristics and guidelines are the following:

These activities must be scheduled with AMSA and are subject to previous authorization of AMSA and OMI.

The proposal is submitted by the Fellow, according to his/her clinical and academic activities. It must be sent to AMSA during the following 3 months after his/her participation in the OMI Seminar.

To submit the proposal, the Fellow must include:

  • Justification
  • Academic Program
  • International Faculty (OMI) to invite
  • Place and date
  • o Replica project formats can include:
    • Classes inside or outside the institution of affiliation
    • Workshops
    • National or International Conferences
    • OMI-MEX Seminars in Mexico with AMSA’s support*
    • Visiting Professorship from OMI*
    • Other format that the doctor may consider appropriate, such as: webinars, sending presentations to colleagues, making posters, internal sessions and local seminars.
*These activities are only possible under the following conditions:
– These activities are subject to OMI and AMSA’s guidelines
– These activities must be scheduled at least 1 year in advance and are subject to prior authorization from AMSA and OMI. To submit an application, the fellow must provide: Justification, academic program, international OMI faculty (whom she/he met in Salzburg), dates and place of the seminar.

Once the replica project is held, the doctor must keep record of the activities, including the following information:

  • Type of activity
  • Place and date
  • Number of doctors that were benefited
  • Include academic program or agenda and pictures

If you wish to receive more information on the development of the replica projects in Mexico, do not hesitate to contact us at: or

If you have already held a replica project in Mexico, please share it with AMSA by clicking HERE

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