Presentation of awards to Guillermo Torre Amione and Francisco Moreno Sánchez

On this occasion we are also making a special recognition to 2 great leaders in the health sector that through social networks and media kept the population well informed on COVID-19 issues. An impeccable work that to date supports patients who have sequelae of COVID-19 through support groups, workshops and webinars. They are: Dr. Guillermo Torre Amione Rector of TecSalud […]

AMSA 2021 Award to Carlos Slim Foundation

Presentation of the AMSA 2021 Award to the Carlos Slim Foundation for its great vision and commitment to Mexico. During the COVID-19 pandemic crisis, they coordinated efforts with civil society organizations and Mexican businessmen to build the Temporary COVID-19 CDMX Unit and for the manufacturing of Astrazeneca’s COVID-19 vaccine to benefit more than 150 million people in Latin America, undoubtedly […]

OMI MEX Seminar on Diabetes

The OMI MEX and Columbia University Seminar on Diabetes took place in Mexico City from September 6-8, 2022. 24 fellows from all over Mexico attended the three-day course, listening to 11 didactic lectures that included topics such as History of Diabetes, Epidemiology of Diabetes in Mexico and in the world, and Insulin Therapy. The course was led by Dr. Robin […]

INCMNSZ – Columbia University visit

In the framework of our OMI MEX face-to-face seminar on Diabetes , which we will hold from September 6 to 8 of the current year, in alliance with the Open Medical Institute and Columbia University , we are joined by Dr.Robin Goland, Dr.Jacqueline Lonier and Dr. Jacqueline Salas who will be part of the faculty and with whom today we […]

Medicine for the World

The social benefit event “Medicine for the World” organized by the Open Medical Institute OMI at Schloss Arenberg in Salzburg was a beautiful gathering, including the presentation of OMI success stories from Slovakia, Mongolia, Mexico and Tanzania, with the participation of our fellow Dr. Guillermo Delgado, an impressive chamber music concert performed by members of the Vienna Philharmonic Orchestra, a […]


AtentaMente invites you to participate in PIBSE Salud, this program integrates synchronous sessions via Zoom with a mobile application , during 12 weeks health professionals can apply and incorporate simple, practical and effective strategies to cultivate their wellbeing and mental health. For more information write to the following email:

FDA Approves Topical Ruxolitinib for Non-Segmental Vitiligo

Non-segmental vitiligo is the most common and can appear at any age and affect different locations, and is characterized by being triggered by, among other things, trauma, which is known as Koebner phenomenon. The approval was based on the results of 674 patients with non-segmental vitiligo aged 12 years or older. At 24 weeks, about 30% of patients on treatment, […]

Safety, Quality, Informatics and Leadership Program

We congratulate our fellows Dr. Elisa Dorantes, Dr. Ana Lilia Ruelas, Dr. Ana Cristina King, Dr. Antonio Rizzoli, Dr. Alexandro Martagón, Dr. Guillermo Delgado; participants in the course taught by Harvard Medical School on Safety, Quality, Informatics and Leadership Program, which was held from May 17, 2021 to May 6, 2022. This is another of the academic activities supported by […]

OMI-MEX Neonatology Seminar

Without a doubt, the OMI-MEX Neonatology Seminar was a great success, with a great attendance and enthusiasm of young medical specialists. Many thanks to our allies and faculty of the Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia and the National Institute of Perinatology. We will continue working for a better health system in Mexico.

OMI MEX “Vector-Borne Diseases” Seminar

Thank you very much to the faculty and participants of the Pandemics seminar with the theme Vector Borne Diseases, it was certainly a seminar with a lot of learning and topics that will help to a better patient care. Thanks to the Open Medical Institute for their support and to the Pasteur Institute. See you at the next seminar.

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