Seminars in Mexico (OMI-MEX/AMSA)

  • Two or three day seminars organized by a Mexican physician, supported by AMSA and OMI, with visiting professorship.

    Intended for a larger audience in Mexico

    This is how we achieve our multiplier effect

Application Process and Calendar

Fellows’ Profile

  • Mexican
  • Younger than 40 years old
  • Proactive
  • Leadership & social qualities
  • Committed to AMSA’s mission
  • Willing to share experiences and knowledge with colleagues

The invitation and application process for seminars in Mexico (OMI-MEX and AMSA) is shared through our Fellows and partner institutions.

AMSA OMI-MEX Seminars 2023

# Date City Topic Location Faculty
1 March
Monday 27th - Wednesday 29th
CDMX Ophthalmology School of Medicine and Health Sciences,
Tec de Monterrey CDMX
Ana Alzaga,
Gary Joseph Lelli,
Charles A.Cole
y Marc J.Dinkin
Weill Cornell
Jorge E. Valdez García
Tec de Monterrey
Gerardo Ledesma Gil
Instituto de Oftalmología Fundación Conde de Valenciana
2 April
Wednesday 12th - Friday 14th
CDMX Pediatric Anesthesia
and Critical Care
School of Medicine and Health Sciences,
Tec de Monterrey CDMX
Justin Lockman
Children's Hospital of Philadelphia
3 April
Monday 24th - Wednesday 26th
CDMX Pediatric Emergency Medicine
Workshop simulation
School of Medicine and Health Sciences,
Tec de Monterrey CDMX
Nicholas Tsarouhas,
James M. Callaham,
Richard J.Scarfone, Archana Verma.
Children's Hospital of Philadelphia
4 May
Monday 15th - Wednesday 17th
CDMX Diabetes Carlos Slim Foundation
Mexico City
Robin S. Goland, Magdalena Marzena Bogun, Rachelle G. Gandica Columbia University
5 May
Monday 29th - Wednesday 31
CDMX Medical Informatics School of Medicine and Health Sciences,
Tec de Monterrey CDMX
Sansanee Craig & Bimal Desai,
Robert Grundmeier,
Eli Lourie
Children's Hospital of Philadelphia
6 June
Monday 12th - Wednesday 14th
CDMX Pediatric Gastroenterology CMABC
Santa Fe
Petar Mamula, Chris Liacouras,
David Piccoli & Pablo Laje
Children's Hospital of Philadelphia
7 July
Tuesday 4th - Thursday 6th
CDMX Global Health:
Viruses, Liver and Cancers
School of Medicine and Health Sciences,
Tec de Monterrey CDMX
Jean-Pierre Vartanian
Pasteur Institute
8 August
Monday 21th - Wednesday 23th
Clinical Research
TBC IMSS Foundation
9 September
Monday 18th - Wednesday 20th
Santa Fe
Weill Cornell
10 October
Monday 9 - Wednesday 11th
CDMX Oncology:
Hematologic Malignancies
TBC David G. Pfister & David J. Straus
Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center
11 October
Monday 23th - Wednesday 25th
CDMX Family Medicine:
Maternal and Child Health
Carlos Slim Foundation
Mexico City
John W. Ragsdale III
Duke University
12 November
Monday 6th - Wednesday 8th
CDMX Neurology CMABC
Santa Fe
Weill Cornell
13 TBC Oaxaca AMSA Internal Medicine Cultural Center San Pablo
ABC Medical Center
14 November
Monday 27th – Wednesday 29th
TBC Maternal and Infant Health TBC Richard A. Polin,
Kathleen G. Brennan,
George R. Saade,
Ronald Wapner.
Columbia University


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