AMSA receives Accreditation in Institutionalism and Transparency (AIT)

On October 6, Cemefi recognized 246 civil society organizations from different states in Mexico for their professionalism, efficient operation and constant accountability to donors and the public.

AMSA, as well as the other organizations, participated in a process that evaluates their level of formality and the institutional instruments they have to guarantee the transparency of their activities. This tool has 10 indicators, which are objective, non-controversial and easy to verify. Organizations that comply with these indicators receive Cemefi’s Accreditation: the Institutionalism and Transparency seal, which is valid for two years from the date on which they were notified.
The representatives of the different civil organizations received this recognition from Cemefi’s Executive President, Ricardo Bucio Mújica, at Casa Cemefi in Mexico City.

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